Services  and Orientation



I see adult patients for individual therapy in San Francisco in beautiful Noe Valley.  

I am a cognitive behavioral psychologist and my work has a strong focus on teaching patients coping skills  to improve their functioning occupationally and socially (paraphrasing Freud: "its all about work and love").  I am well versed in and have run multiple CBT and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) groups and individual treatments. 

I provide skills training more specifically for patients with Bipolar Spectrum Disorders, Depressive Disorders, and  Anxiety Disorders including OCD.  In addition,  I have significant experience treating patients with Personality Disorders, particularly Borderline Personality Disorder. Finally, I have experience in treating patients with complex and often chronic medical profiles co morbid with psychiatric disorders. 

I have worked many years in the Silicon Valley echo system, seeing Engineers at all levels of experience, Executives in high tech companies and finance ventures,  Professionals supporting such systems, and Academic staff. 

My cognitive behavioral orientation not withstanding, I find that understanding a person's existential perspective and personal narrative of their experience is a prerequisite to any skills training that a diagnostic category or condition may require.  Furthermore, a good working relationship between us, a genuine sympatico,  I believe is central to a collaborative treatment relationship. 

I make it my business to stay current with new developments in psychology and psychiatry, both in cognitive behavioral therapy and in other psychotherapy orientations.  I admit that I am a "closet" Freudian and Post-Freudian psychologist, which means that I find great intellectual interest in conceptualizing problems in such language.  I am an avid reader and traveler, so my perspective often includes a literary angle or cultural commentary.

I work collaboratively with a number of psycho-pharmacologists and  I pay close attention to  medication compliance, side effects, and need for medication adjustments.

My fees are between $210-$375 and paid at the time of the appointment.  Please note that I am an out of network provider and I do not belong to any insurance panels. I provide my patients with receipts for reimbursement if their coverage covers Out of Network Providers.

If you have any questions about my practice please feel free to contact me.