If you are a self learner here are some ideas to get you started. The main concept is "try new things". Dare, explore, stay open.

Self Help Books, Partial List

Learned Optimism

Authentic Happiness

Peaceful Mind

The seven secrets of making your marriage work

Relationship Cure

Coming apart

Where ever  you go there you are

Forgive for Good

Who moved my Cheese

A man's search for meaning 

Movies, very partial list

Zorba the Greek

La Strada

Little Children

Betty Blue

Nasty Girl

The Congo River




Cinema Paradiso 

Fiction, shamefully partial list

The sixpense and the moon

Of Human Bondage

New York Trilogy

Half Life

A bend in the River 


Poisonwood Bible

 Prodigal Summer

Enduring Love

The ape and the woman

Madam Bovary

It wasn't funny when it happened 

Travel, incredibly partial list

A visit to a new restaurant, a food/drink/fruit you never tried before. The sea, always the sea, or anywhere else where nature casts its greatness. A homeless shelter. A performance you never tried before be it dance, theater, opera...

Try Yoga in Tulum

Poor Man's Paradise in Costa Rica 

Ditjeens restaurant in Big Sur

Mount Olympus, Santorini , Patmos, the Parthenon, endless Greece

Try Instanbul , Kapidokia

Esaqiura in Morocco, a Hena Tattoo in the square

Fly, swim, sky dive, boogie board, surf.

sing, dance, play, write

Check out the imaginative traveller web site, or Exodus travel for more ideas: inexpensive, adventurous people from all ages, countries, cultures.

Buy many Lonely Planets

The DeAnza  flea market, 1st Saturday of every month